Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How To Create Adsense Account (A Complete Guide For Bloggers)

Posted by Anshul Katiyar

As a blogger you naturally herd about Adsense, and if you are still unaware about this network then not need to worry. Adsense is an advertisement network owned by Google (Wikipedia article about Adsense). All knows that their are many alternative of Adsense but all knows that Adsense is best in all ways.
If you still wants to make money with other way then I will suggest you to read our post A complete Affiliate Marketing Guide written by 
In this post I will clear that How to Create Adsense Account in Five Minute and many of us facing so many problems in getting Adsense account approve for you blog, so I will suggest you to read Guide to get adsense approval.
I started blogging and get to know about Adsense which is only way in my terms to earn money on that time and I was very confused about Adsense so I ask my one friend and he tell me about this and still I am not completely sure that I am doing right or not. But bleave me here I make every effert to simplify this because of my reader and I know that this very difficult for any beginner to understand about Adsense.
Here is a video which was publised by :

A complete Guide To Make Adsense Account In Five Minute.

Now Adsense approvel process is completely changed, Now steps to make Adsense account are like this.
  • Sign up for Adsense
  • Add Adsense ads to your blog
  • Wait while your account is reviewed and either accepted or rejected
Adsense approval is not easy and publisher have to create quality blog before applied on Adsense, After account is created you need to wait until Google Adsense approve your account.
And one more thing to remember before applied on Adsense that you blog meets all the requirement which match with adsense policy.


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