Friday, 25 December 2015

3 Marketing Tools For Blogger and Webmasters : For Your Future in 2016

Posted by Anshul Katiyar
We all are here to creating a awesome product for our readers and it help us to make money and also helps to make your product to next level where you want to see it in future. A blogger job is very tough and it is not as simple as you are thinking and it need time to get a ProBlogger like quality. Once if you are going to be a blogger and writing a huge content as  you are and not doing any promotion and any think else and just writing as it is , it does not make any scene for Google and Google is not going to show your content in any page. Actually the real work starts after you publish you content on web and not you have to make you post to reach more audience, So that it get popular and it also helps in creating backlinks by your audience.

Marketing of your product works same as you do on SEO and Keyword research for a blog post. If your not doing any type of marketing you will easily get to know that your freshly uploaded content did not getting any clicks because no one going to reach it via Search engine or other social media platform and then you keep on finding what you are doing wrong but never get any solution.
Now a days newbies keep on finding about tips and tricks of marketing but because of thousand of social media network and other marketing network they are keep on confusing and it is very complicated to find any proven solution of this problem.

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Many of newbies blogger are still finding a good solution of marketing of their product, Most of them finds that veteran blogger are doing very well in this field and they also stack to see their success while their product is not much old but doing well. The veteran blogger knows the real path to promote their product and they have well idea about existed product which helps them to save their time and make more money.
Marketing is one of top think which is need in 2016 to make your earning to next level and now it is need for a post to having a good quality of content on one side and promote your post with right tool on other side.

11 Terrific Marketing Tools For Blogger and Webmasters

Having a right marketing product helps you and your product to see sky touching success and also helps you to see you efforts changes in viral jackpot. This tools mainly helps to save your time and money to investing in marketing of you product or blog and make the task simple as affordable. Here is top 11 Terrific marketing Tools which is going to change your views point about it.

BuzzSumo :

BuzzSumo is most used marketing tool used by marketers to promote their blog or webpage. It is one of sought content research tool which helps you to find top preforming articles and top shared article post on varous socila media platform and on search engines. It also features some more tools which also helps you to find top influencer and top article title shared on social media hub.

Here is a Video tutorial to explain you to how to use BuzzSumo

                                                                 Video By Harsh Aggarwal

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Google Scholar :

Google Scholar is awesome tool to research deeper on any article or topic and the awesome think is its is free tool comes from Google. It is very simple to use you only need to enter your keyword and hit on search and it will bring some top rated articles for you which available on web. The tool have some amazing features like alert, which send an email to you on you given email id on topic in which you are interested.

Feedly :

Feedly is RSS reader tool which have more than 7 million registered users and is one of top place to  research over great content which helps you to find awesome article title, Content and much more. Its most interesting thing is that it is available for both Computer users and mobile users.

So here we come to end of a list of top 3 Marketing Tools for Blogger. May be we missed some other top marketing tools, So please tell use in our commenting section, We love to know more.


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