Sunday, 20 March 2016

Top ways to Set Favicon on WordPress Blog

Posted by Anshul Katiyar

Today in this post I am going to help you to How To Set Favicon on WordPress Blog. This post is well fabricated to help you to get Top way to set favicon on WordPress blog, I noticed that sometime their is no favicon seen on some WordPress blog because of some reasons and you will unable to reset favicon on your blog, only need to show favicon on WordPress blog to follow below steps.

Once you setup WordPress blog, then you need to set-up some important setting which are important for each and every blog, one of most important part of these settings is to Set Favicon on your WordPress blog. Blog favicon helps to make your blog different and unique which make your blog hard presence on Internet world and everyone want to make their blog unique.

Most of time WordPress favicon do not support .png or .jpeg and this is also top most problem of no favicon seen on your blog, but some times PNG or JPEG image may works, before proceeding you should know about some basic requirements for setting up WordPress facvicon, let see below point:

  • The recommended size of WordPress Favicon is 12×12, 16×16, 150×150, 512×512.
  • Always upload Favicon before change it with FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Favicon image should in .ico format because some times .jpeg or .png format image not work.
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You will  also use some website who create your WordPress favicon completely free, some of websites are

How to add Favicon on WordPress Blog?

WordPress theme your are using, already have a feature to add Favicon but some of free WordPress theme are not come with this feature, if your theme do not haveing this feature then you should follow the below steps.

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Add Favicon by Wordpress Directory:

In WordPress version 4.4.2 having inbuilt feature for adding Favicon on your WordPress blog and with the help of custom feature you will easily add favicon on your blog in less then one minute.
  1. First loin to your WordPress blog, then do to Homepage and click on Customize option which is situated top sidebar at right side, if you do not find any top sidebar then go to Your Profile > and fill blank don on “Show Tool-bar when viewing site”.
  2. After you find clicking on customize option, now click on ''select image'' and upload Favicon.
  3.  Now click on save& publish and your work done.
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I hope this post may help you, so did you know any other methods to add favicon on WordPress blog?. Tell us via comment. 


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