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Top 3 ways for On Page SEO Which Helps You to Get First Rank

Posted by Anshul Katiyar
Did you still don't have any traffic on your blog?

Want your post keyword targeted?. But do not know the correct solution.

Planning to make easy for search engine to get get understand that which keyword your targeting and used by you to get high rank minimum PR 6.

Yes its is not too much easy but not as too much hard to fix, You should have to learn many thinks but its does not takes much time.

Now in this post you are going to learn some Technique of on page SEO.
Many of us learning blogger are daily used to try to optimize our blog or website and this process is divided in two type first one is onpage optimization or offpage optimization, both of two are very important for our blog or website ranking but today in this post we are going to talk about onpage optimization. Here I am going to tell you about some awesome tips and tricks for onpage SEO and after using them it will help directly in improving blog ranking in search engine. This means you are going to boost your blog ranking with rocket speed.


Now, lets move to discussion on onpage optimization with onsite optimization. The most featured parts of this topics are about, Onpage SEO optimization, How to use our targeted keywords to get high rank in search engine. This also cover the topics like proper use of H1 , H2, H3 heading which also called Heading Tags like Heading, Sub Heading, Minor Heading., Keyword placement, Content quality and much more. Before understanding SEO concept we need to know Importance of keywords in blog post.

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What is On Page SEO and Why do you need On Page Optimization:

This post mainly target to help you to understand how to write SEO friendly blog post which means SEO optimized article and many of you thinks that it is not seo best practices.

But you should known look at ShoutMeLoud this post which helps you to understand this fact easily Recover from Google panda.

Actually many of us not understanding the fact called ''SEARCH ENGINE'', Search Engine is a program which a mixture of algorithm and these algorithms are work in such manner that it identify some keywords which are unique and considered as good content which ultimately results in high rank of that keyword or content in Search engine.
Search Engine is always shows some post in number one position or in second, why don't you think that why your post is not ever seen their.?

Search Engine Optimization is a methods which happen is some sets and it is a proven way to raise the content quality of you post. Search Engine like Google, Yahoo , Bing do not mainly looks on On Page SEO to take your blog in first position but they also looks on some other things like Backlinks, Social Media Blog value, domain authority and some other factor but our today's task is only to create that type of post content which is made with the help of targeted keyword and easily catch by Search Engine to consider you blog as good quality content blog  instead of focusing on raking for irrelevant long tail keyword.

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Here is a quick Guide to understand On Page Search Engine Optimization Facts:


Here you can easily analyse that lot on things matters in On Page SEO, The above chart clearly helps you to understand that keyword planning, content length, Image optimization, Use of proper H1, H2 and H3 tags matters a lot in now days. The above chart is published by SEO metrics team after doing a brief research on SEO and noticing the behavior of Google over the blog or website content and how Google shows its reaction on these things.

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Top 3 On Page Search Engine Optimization :

Blog Post Title

You all know that blog post title is most important part of any article. It really plays a huge role in post ranking in Google and other search engine. While choosing a good title of any post we should take care to use a good targeted which having high search and less composition. Please do not use targeted keyword more then one time in the sake of getting a good rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The last but not least so not use more then 65 character in title tag it will take down the SEO value of your blog or website.

Post Permalink Structure

Post Permalink Structure is another main topic to look, It mainly helps to Google to show your link with exact matched searched keyword. Please always choose custom permalink before publishing any post and used the top targeted keyword in it and make sure that the length of permalink is not too much. Always avoid the use of special characters, symbols, brackets, comma’s etc because in search engine these all not matters a lot. Another main thing is do not random strings in your permalink.

Heading Tag Of Post
In above section I think I clearly tell the correct use of heading tags but take a short look again, So you should use all of heading tags because they matter a lot in on page SEO, the correct use of h2, h3, h4 tag is very important and make sure that please do not use h1 tag in any part of your post because you title is also refer as h1 tag and there is on use of another title in one post. Note please : do not use h2, h3, h4 tags many time and use alternative like bold, italic tools etc. Here is a brief video to understand the Heading Tags:

Keyword Density

Keyword is consider as main and one of top weapon for boosting any post, so there is need of a good keyword planning before writing any post, while writing any post we should not exceed  it from 1.5% percent with mix of LSI keywords. Use all the targeted keyword in title, heading like sub-heading and minor-heading. in first paragraph and then in the last paragraph and also don't forget to use keyword in bold and italic tools.  Here  is a video for understanding keywords use in blog post.

In this post , I try to cover some factors that help you to make your post on page SEO full-proof. If you have any question or want to tell other important facts, then let me know via comments.


  1. Hello Amit,
    Very good points you have mentioned :) Just I want to add my few thought.
    Yes, Title is game changing thing, it is the title which people read first, and decide with in fraction of second to weather click or not. I use Co-Shedule tite analyzer.
    Permalink, the always better. It's time to say good bye to STOP words.
    Keyword Density always being great and safe up to 2%.


    1. Thanks Gulshan for commenting or clearing some facts about Keyword density which is also a past of on page SEO, Ya Gulshan I also thinks that 2% of keyword density is not impact bad on on page SEO but on some big blogs I reads that we should not exceed keyword density more than 1.5%, that'S why Here I listed 1.5% is good for SEO.


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