Wednesday, 9 December 2015

How To Create Gmail Button with Email Icon Generator

Posted by Anshul Katiyar

We all face a big problem to put our email address in text form as such as. is email harvester bots.
The bots pick you all such spam which make your blogging experience too much bad. This is common issues which is faced by blogger now a days, For those who want to leave their own email adders for contact.
We a have one quick solution of this is that you should replace the @ with (AT), and then see that you will not getting more emails because some users send mail without using @ and it will not send to you.
One more easy way is to create Gmail button with email icon generator

Free Email Icon Generator service:

Go to Link and you will find this Snapshot like webpage.
After Proceeding like this you will get Gmail own email address Button, and if you are facing any problem while doing this , please let me know.
So did you like above article or you know any more tricks, If yes then please tell me by commenting below. 


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