Friday, 15 January 2016

How To Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution From Your Blog

Posted by Anshul Katiyar
Some of blogger blog have inbuilt powered by blogger attribution and if you are not felling happy with this attribution, but not knowing the trick to remove it from your blogger template then you landed to right place, Today I will help you to simply remove the Powered By Blogger Attribution.

How To Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution

You have to follow some simple steps to hide powered by blogger attribution:
Step 1 : First to to blogsport login page and login to your blogger dashboard, Now you have click on below template option on your blog menu.

Step 2 : After clicking on Template option you will find html code enter box click inside it and then press the CTRL + F keys to open the Blogger' search box and type;
Step 3 : Now you have to past this below code to above </head>
#Attribution1 {
display: none;
Step 4 : Now only need is to click to save option and then check you blog, you will find that powered by blogger attribution is removed.

If you still face any type of problem then fell free to write us using comment box below.


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