Monday, 22 February 2016

5 Important Things, You Should Take Care For Your New Blog

Posted by Anshul Katiyar
Hello friends if you are new in blogging world or you are going to start a blog then you should read this post because this post really going to help you. If you want to get success in blogging then you need to follow the top most 5 tips which I am going to mention below in this blog post. Most of times new blogger do some mistake in blogging and this post is actually written for new blogger to help them and here I am going to list of mistakes which you do while blogging.

5 Important Tips For New blog and Bloggers

1. How To Use Custom Domain

Most of news blogger use free subdomain like ( or ect), if you are new and learning how to blogging then use of free domains are good for you, but if you are serious for blogging and wants to be a professional blogger then, premium domain and hosting is very important for your blogging journey. The are age of you custom domain really helps a lot in getting high traffic and top rank in search engine. Actually if your domain age is very important and it helps to get tons of traffic on your blog because Google counts your domain age in order to index your post. Custom also makes Backlinks for your blog and all knows that Backing directly means to having high rank in Google or in other search engines.

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2. Blog Design and Custom Template

When someone comes o your blog he firstly looks at your blogger Template or Theme and if the blog layout is not good then user mainly disappoints form your blog and he never come back directly to you blog. So thats why having good and SEO friendly blogger template is very important for blog blog. 

3. Do not Copy Content From other blogs

copying content for your blog post is not good idea and Google will surely penalize your blog because Google have some bunch of algorithms which keeps finding the copied content and if you use even a single line form other blog then Google counts for content as a duplicate content. News blogger naturally use to do some experiment with their blog but if you copy content form other blog then you will never gonna get much traffic on your blog. And keep this think in your mind that if your are creating duplicate post then you will never got any rank in Google search engine , so always creates original post which is very good for SEO of your blog.

4. Find you niche 

Please do not choose a niche in which you don't have any interest and you are only doing blogging on that topic just for making money via your blog, actually this not good idea of making money and you will never get that success which you are suppose to get, thats why I always ask to you that;
Do what you like, because it that is not look like work.       

5. Do not do blogging only for making money

I know that we all doing blogging for making tons for money and actually money is top most important to survive in this world but, some of us only doing for doing blogging for making money, If your main motto is making money then you will keeps your main focus on generating money via your blog and not take care your of your blog which is not good for your blogging profession, so friends start blogging if you love otherwise you will never gonna win race. 

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So what do you think about these above tips or you know some other Top tips to improve new blog ?., if Yes then tell us via comment section below.


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