Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Definitive guide Before Buying Expired Domains

Posted by Anshul Katiyar
You have seen that most of newbies blogger uses old domain instead of using new domain for their blog, but question is arise in our mind that why they are going to use old domain?., actually answer is that the old used domain have inherent domain authority, high quality backlinks and which helps to get tons of traffic on your blog.

I also seen that many of blogger are totally involved in buying and selling domain business or we can say domain flipping business.


This is good business for them and at the ends it is easy.

One day I got to know via my blogging forum that some bloggers are selling PR1 , PR3, PR4 old domain and they are getting huge response form other buyer who are willing to buy them in the sake of getting high rank in search engine.

But according to me all of as who are willing to buy old expired domain, should do consider some things before buying them.

Before getting in deeper, lets get to know about what is meaning of old domain or expired domain.
Old domain or expired domain are those which does not get renewed by their owner. Many of us forget to renew domain on time, so to renew domain again the domain registrar usually give short extension of one month to renew domain again. If domain is not get renewed in given time period then it will considered as old or expired domain.
After extension time domain registrar start acution of expired domain and sell it to the highest paying customer.

Things To Know Before Buying Old domain or Expired domain. 

1. Check PA/DA of expired domain

Always check Page authority or domain authority of many domain which you want to buy. buy only those domain having domain authority more than 25/100. PA and DA is very important factor grab a quality domain, you can check Page or Domain authority using Moz or Open Site Explorer

2. Check Domain for Google or Adsense banned

Before make your mind to burn your money to buy expired domain, you should check domain that is not banned by Google. You can easily check that is domain ban by Google using Adsense Sandbox.
If your selected domain having good PA/DA and you really like the domain name then you will ask Google to remove ban form that domain using tool called Google reconsideration request

3. Check archive of domain using wayback machine

You are going to buy a domain which having good PA/DA and you also liked domain name and domain age is much more which means having so many good quality of backlinks, but wait my friends here you have know that domain which you are going to buy is which kind of website before, Ya this is important because it matter in SEO and you can easily check that using Wayback Machine.

Final words : These are few and most important things to go for buying new domain and above we are going to insert a infographic which helps you to understand this topic more easily.


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